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Wide range of Italian food and wine excellences

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Severini Wines is the online shop where you can buy the Made in Italy food and wine excellences.

Wide selection of wines, beers, spirits, oils, pasta, sauces, coffee and many other typical products, from the most renowned to those of niche and is the first ecommerce in the food & wine sector that allows you to earn by rewarding your word of mouth.

Severini Wines prefers to reward with cash prizes the most loyal customers who suggest the site to friends and acquaintances, rather than investing in expensive advertising.

Sign up for free in the Cashini Severini Wines and start earning money now!

The cashback club membership is totally free and allows you to have unmissable advantages:

  • 2% commission on the purchases of your friends and on the people who invite your friends, up to the 4th level
  • Dedicated discounts
  • Preview offers
  • Exclusive niche products

TheSeverini Wines cashback is very simple!

Here’s how it works:

Severini Wines cashback is a very simple and intuitive commission system composed of 4 levels. Every affiliate who buys at least 50 € of products can register up to 20 people who will be part of its 1st level. Each member of the 1st level can in turn enroll another 20 people who will fill his 2nd level and your 3rd, so on until the 4th for each affiliate.

Level Max members number per level

Once the 1st level is completed, any additional person who invites and who signs up for the cashback will go directly into the 2nd level until this one is complete. It is likely that the person who invited you to find the first members of your first level is already enrolled, without you doing anything! For every purchase of at least € 50 that will make a member present within this network you will receive a 2% cashback, regardless of the level in which this person is located.

How much can I earn monthly?

It depends on how many subscribers your network has and how much your affiliates spend, considering that the average purchase on the site is € 60.

Some examples

Total number of subscribers in your network Average monthly spend of subscribers to the site Total purchases of your network 2% cashback that you will earn monthly
100 60 6.000 120€
1.000 60 60.000 1.200€
10.000 60 600.000 12.000€
100.000 60 6.000.000 120.000€
168.420 60 10.105.200 202.104€

How long does it take to complete all the levels?

The goal you should set yourself is to complete the 1st level within 30 days of signing up, making sure all the friends you've invited do the same, so that each level will be completed in 1 month and the whole network will be complete in 4 months.

More friends you invite, the faster your network will grow and more you earn

I recommend this system to anyone buying online

“I tried the cashback system by chance, I found myself effort with 30 registered people who allowed me to repay my purchases and I start earning a monthly income.”

It is done first to do that to explain it

“It's all simple and intuitive. I joined, I invited some friends and now I find myself an extra monthly income without any effort...”

I'm really happy! To earn without never happens!

“Yet with this system it happens. I simply invited some friends through the social media, which in turn invited others to join me, so I find myself a nice little group and an extra income.”

How can I register?

Registering for Cashback is very simple

1. Just sign up by filling out the appropriate link that your friend or link has sent you.

Click on the button "I want to subscribe now" / Fill in the form with your data / check your email inbox of severiniwines / click on the link and confirm your registration.

2. Once registered you will receive a unique identification code and you will be able to access the personal area to check your profile.

3. Share this link with your friends on social media, via email, via Messenger, WhatsApp, blog, website, youtube, banner and any other channel.
The more you have, the more opportunities you have to monetize your word of mouth!

I enrolled by the suggestion of a friend

“I bought special wines and excellent pasta, I invited other people to do the same and so every person who buys I earn a 2%. I recommend it to anyone who loves typical Italian products and wants to make extra money.”

At first I had some doubts

“At the beginning I had some doubts about the effective effectiveness of this system but after a month I understood that it was a good idea. Today everyone buys drinks or typical products by web and entering this system ensures you quality products and an extra income that increases based on subscribers within your network.”

Try it, there is nothing to lose!

“I often buy products online and when I was presented with this possibility I tried immediately. I ordered € 50 between wines and pasta and I started to propose the project to my dearest friends. Now I have a group of people in my network who buy and earn every month.”


Are there any costs or fees for registering with the Cashback club?

Absolutely not, the registration is totally free and offers many advantages, to stay within the club you just need to buy € 50 of products every month.

What happens if I do not buy at least 50 € of goods per month?

The software will automatically delete you from the cashback program and you will not receive the commissions generated in the month.

I joined the Cashback Club, now how can I make money?

Once registered to the platform, log in to your profile and start inviting friends, for each purchase that will make each of your friends you will see your commission in real time.

How many friends can I invite?

You can invite all the friends you want, without limits and also from other countries. This is the complete list of all the countries in which we operate: Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Danimanca, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, USA, Hong Kong, Japan.

I am a private Italian without VAT, can I register and earn with Severini Wines?

Certainly, the payments of the remuneration of the Italian Private will be paid by issuing an Occasional Performance Receipt with Withholding Tax; we will take care of calculating and paying the tax amount on your behalf.
The Occasional Service Receipt with Withholding Tax is a form of occasional self-employment that requires that the company making the payment of your fees will retain 20% of your total payment and pay it to the State on your behalf.
Example: If you have to receive a payment of 50 euros and you are a Private person you will receive 40 euros net and 10 euros (equal to 20% of 50 euros) will be withheld and paid to the State on your behalf by way of tax.
The Receipt of Occasional Performance with Withholding Tax allows you to collaborate on an occasional basis up to a maximum of 5,000 euros gross annual, reached total 5,000 euros per year will no longer be possible to use the receipt of Occasional Performance With Withholding Tax and will need to open a VAT to continue receiving the payments.

I am a private individual who does not live in Italy, can I register and earn with Severini Wines?

Yes, for your earnings you just need to sign a declaration stating that you do not reside in Italy, and you can earn without limits net of 20% tax

When will the commissions be paid?

The commissions are automatically approved by the software at the end of the month and will be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice or occasional service.

How can I cash out the amount accrued?

You can cash by bank transfer or PayPal.
There are 2 € handling costs for bank transfers in Italy and € 4 for a bank transfer abroad, while if you choose PayPal a commission will be charged on the amount of 3.4% +0.35 cents compared to the total. This fee is a PayPal fee and does not depend in any way on Severini Wines.

I have other questions, how do I contact you?

You can send us an email to, call us or write us on WhatsApp / Tel. +39 349.4348283


Contact our customer care > 349 4348283